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Boston Globe Top Places to Work 2010
Raytheon BBN Technologies

Employees in region:
Information Technology
HQ location:
Cambridge, MA

Top Workplace
’09, ’10

About Raytheon BBN Technologies

Raytheon BBN has been providing advanced technology research and development—especially development—for over 60 years. From the ARPANET, to the first email, to the first stereo digital mammography system, through the first metro network protected by quantum cryptography, Raytheon BBN has consistenly transitioned advanced research to produce innovative, practical technology solutions for our customers. Today, Raytheon BBN’s innovations allow for ubiquitous networking and speech understanding in any language or format. Raytheon BBN scientists and engineers continue to take risks and challenge conventions to create new and fundamentally better solutions.

Our core technolgy expertise spans: Advanced Networking Cyber Security Information & Knowledge Technologies Optics & Photonics Sensor Systems Speech & Language Technologies

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What employees say

“My employer is extremely tolerant of my need for a VERY flexible schedule. I have an extremely challenging situation at home, and I am always met with understanding and support at work. ”
“I get to work on some of the coolest projects in the world. I am given all of the tools, training and support I need to get my job done. I have never worked at a place like this before. ”
“I am fortunate to work with some of the most intelligent people in the world on cutting edge technology. BBN offers the flexibility necessary to balance work and family life. ”
“I have the flexibility to perform well at my job while being available to my family. I am able to work independently and I am respected.”
“I get the responsibilities I deserve, the independence that I need to excel, and the recognition I expect for a job well done. ”
Where to find Raytheon BBN Technologies