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Boston Globe Top Places to Work 2010

Employees in region:
Mass Media
HQ location:
Newton, MA

Top Workplace
’09, ’10

About TechTarget

TechTarget, Inc. ( (NASDAQ: TTGT) is a leading global technology media company with more than 90 technology-specific websites, 9 million registered members, and more than 10 years of groundbreaking accomplishments. Our extensive editorial and vendor-sponsored content fulfills the needs of tech pros looking for in-depth coverage of technology topics throughout their buying process and positions us to meet the needs of technology marketers targeting qualified technology audiences. Outside of North America, TechTarget runs 23 websites and has offices in London, Mumbai and Beijing.

What employees say

“I am challenged. The company trusts me, and offers enough flexibility that I particpiate in my children's activites. I am surrounded by smart, hard-working, passionate people. My boss is supportive. ”
“The people are easy to work/collaborate with. I feel completely trusted with my workload, which makes me want to do the best I can. I feel completely comfortable communicating with those in my team.”
“It is not impressive, its what I would expect. The fact that everyone's on board with the vision of senior management as it turns and steers through the macro-economic climate changes is impressive.”
“It is well-communicated when I am doing a good job, and I feel trusted to do the work I'm here to do with no micro-management.”
“I am treated with respect and I have the opportunity to work hard and be rewarded.”
“My contributions are appreciated and rewarded, plus the flexibility is amazing”
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