About NovaCare Rehabilitation

Our highly respected clinical team provides preventative and rehabilitative services, including physical therapy, hand therapy, sports medicine and work injury prevention and management, to maximize functionality and promote well-being. We develop individualized treatment plans to help achieve each patient's specific goals. Our community network allows us to effectively partner with physicians, employers, payors and case managers to achieve optimal patient outcomes. We also provide physical therapy and athletic training services to professional sports teams, colleges, universities and high schools and serves as the exclusive physical rehabilitation provider to several major U.S.

corporations. We take pride in outstanding customer service, excellent patient care and strong outcomes. Through experience, advanced clinical training and clear communication with our patients, NovaCare Rehabilitation can get you back to school, work, athletics and life.

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What employees say

“The people I work with.”
“I feel that I am valued.”
“The environment and co workers I work with are as great as my job!”
“NovaCare has focused hard on maintaining a very high quality of care, while getting more efficient to deal with declining reimbursement costs.”
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