About Proven Business Systems

To keep up with today’s fast-paced business environment, Proven Business Systems provides the highest performing line of office equipment from companies like Canon, Toshiba and Kyocera, document management services, and IT assistance through their generational family-run operation. Beginning with just five employees in 2003, the privately-owned and operated enterprise now services clients across 48 states, oversees more than 200 service areas, and employs upwards of 120 individuals. 12 years later, the company is equipped with outstanding outside sales representatives, strategists, equipment scouts and experienced IT personnel, receiving Crain’s Chicago Business ‘Fast Fifty‘ award three years in a row from 2014 - 2016.

What employees say

“I am valued for my dedication, knowledge and customer service skills.”
“I am truly passionate about this company and the wonderful services we bring to our clients. ”
“I am compensated well and feel like I am truly cared about by the ownership.”
“I have ability to make decisions and my opinion is always heard.”
“The owners care about the employees' work life and family life.”
“We have a good time while doing good work. ”
Where to find Proven Business Systems