About The Loomis Agency

LOOMIS has been making ads and music since 1984. The agency began as a music recording studio and audio production facility, founded by Paul Loomis, a composer/musician who has earned a national reputation for brand image music development. Over the years, the studio began to attract recording artists, ad agency music production business, and a direct advertising client base of its own. To accommodate the growing demand for expanded creative services, Paul acquired a small creative group in 1998 that included a number of highly talented writers and art directors.

From that team, LOOMIS was created, a firm specializing in full-service advertising for consumer-facing clients. Today, LOOMIS is a unique blend of advertising and entertainment. On the first floor, visitors to our office discover a world-class music production facility that’s hosted notable artists, like Blake Shelton, Pat Green, Lady Gaga, Kirk Franklin, and scores of others. On the second floor, LOOMIS is all advertising, all the time. The agency has created record-setting campaigns for many multiunit retail clients over the years, and has earned a reputation as one of the best ad agencies in the region.

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What employees say

“The diversity of work and agency culture.”
“It both fuels and challenges me creatively.”
“The Loomis family can never be duplicated. We genuinely care about each other.”
“It allows me to add value and make a difference.”
“I work with the best people I have ever worked with. I trust and love the managers. I know they care about me as I do them.”
Where to find The Loomis Agency