About QSpex Technologies

QSpex is transforming the traditional lens manufacturing industry by providing a personalized, service-based option for consumers. Our proprietary Rapid Lens Technologyâ„¢ permits same-day fulfillment of both single vision and progressive lenses coupled with superior treatments. The combination of a manufacturing process that takes minutes and a personalized, same-day concierge delivery and dispensing model distinguishes QSpex from the competition.

What employees say

“Everybody treats each other fairly.”
“My hard work is noticed and rewarded. It is so nice to feel appreciated and accepted as part of the team. The benefits are amazing.”
“The people at QSpex are wonderful and it's a pleasure to come to work each day.”
“Senior managers take the time to listen to ideas and answer questions. They really care about the company and the people who work here, and do everything they can to ensure success.”
“Team and family environment. ”
Where to find QSpex Technologies