About Henssler Financial

Henssler Financial is one of the largest independent wealth management firms in Atlanta. We provide solutions that incorporate a range of services including wealth management, financial planning, tax preparation and consulting, corporate retirement planning and estate planning. For nearly 30 years, we have helped clients gain clarity on their financial situation by asking the right questions and helping them to prioritize their goals. After exploring their financial circumstances, we create customized cash flow projections that apply our Ten Year Rule across multiple scenarios.

The combination of these projections and a financial plan prepares our clients for the road ahead. Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that experts monitor their plan and make adjustments along the way to accommodate life’s curve balls.

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What employees say

“I am given the support to do my best job, but I am not impeded.”
“The growth of the company. We are always learning something new and expanding into different arenas and areas. ”
“Their knowledge about the financial markets and economic elements that continually drive the company to grow, and in different arenas. ”
“The atmosphere at work is so comfortable compared to other places that I have worked. I also feel that I am able to make an impact within the organization.”
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