About Imprivata, Inc.

As a healthcare IT security company Imprivata provides healthcare organizations with a security and identity platform that delivers authentication management, fast access to patient information, secure communications, and positive patient identification. Imprivata enables care providers to securely and efficiently access, communicate, and transact patient health information to address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience. Imprivata OneSign is a single sign-on solution that automates access in one seamless, secure system.

Imprivata PatientSecure is a biometric patient identification platform that positively identifies patients using palm vein recognition, creating a 1:1 link between a patient and their health record. Imprivata Cortext is a secure communications platform for healthcare that improves care coordination by replacing the inefficiencies of pagers and solving the security issues that unsecure texting practices cause. Imprivata Confirm ID is the comprehensive identity and two-factor authentication platform for remote access, EPCS, medical device access, and other clinical workflows.

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