About The Predictive Index

Through a unique blend of scientific behavioral assessments, groundbreaking software, kick-butt management training, and professional consulting from the world's best workplace behavior experts, The Predictive Index can help you overcome the most complex business challenges. The Predictive Index serves over 8,000 clients across 142 countries through its network of PI Certified Partners. Get dedicated service, professional training, certification, and expert advice through the network so you can apply insights FAST and create a stronger, more cohesive, and efficient workforce, ready to tackle the most complex problems and help your business dreams come true.

Each year, over 2.5 million people take our assessments and over 7,000 people are trained in our management workshops.

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What employees say

“Everyone is passionate and understanding. Open environment.”
“Opportunity to grow with a growing company.”
“How much care they show for their employees.”
“How well everyone works together. ”
“The caliber of the people I work with is fantastic. Passion for doing good work and helping their teammates permeates the group. This is a place for talented, passionate people.”
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