About Highland Springs

Highland Springs is a full-service retirement community in Dallas, Texas, offering an energizing, amenity-rich lifestyle. Residents enjoy a “small town” sense of community with neighbors who share their interests and values. They have the time to do all those things they’ve always wanted to do because their home at Highland Springs is completely maintenance free. Plus, Highland Spring’s unique financial setup makes living at this retirement community more than just a great lifestyle choice. It’s a smart financial decision too!

What employees say

“It is very rewarding.”
“The work environment is so great. The people I work around are all so nice, welcoming and always willing to help. I have recommended this workplace to anyone I know that is looking for employment. ”
“I have the opportunity to serve seniors.”
“I love our culture. We live by the one community, one team motto and it works!”
“They represent a core value that is in line with my own beliefs. ”
Where to find Highland Springs