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Newport Beach, CA

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About Golden Communications

GoldenComm was established in 1995. Today, GoldenComm has three offices (Newport Beach, Wroclaw Poland and Pune India) on three continents and provides Internet Programming and Marketing Services to over 500 customers. Said another way, we have several Fortune 100 companies on our client list and those companies use us to do a variety of projects and development work that would simply just take them too long to do. Or, maybe they don't have the skill sets in-house. Companies like ours exist because we can be more nimble than the big guys for a variety of projects.

Mid-sized and smaller companies use us when they want to compete at the next level, whether that's B-2-B lead generation, e-commerce or back-of-the-house programming. The Internet is a tool that levels the playing field for all companies, and GoldenComm helps small, medium and large companies compete in new and innovative ways.

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What employees say

“That everyone wants everyone else to succeed. People work as a team and want everyone on their team to succeed. ”
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