About Mammoth

Mammoth HR is the on-call HR team for small and midsize businesses across the country. We believe that every organization – no matter how big or small – deserves great HR, and our mission is to help our clients thrive through building great workplaces. We are unique in that we bridge the divide between HR technology and HR consulting, delivering advice and solutions to our clients through a combination of software and subject matter expertise. We are also unique in our approach to HR. Other companies in our field frame HR as a threat to business owners -- a constant tug of war between management and employees with the risk of a lawsuit always hanging overhead.

We are redefining HR for employers as an opportunity to invest in their workforce and strengthen their business rather than a threat. The combination of our online tools and the personal attention of our HR professionals makes important information accessible and approachable, allowing companies to develop their people practices as a vehicle for creating value by engaging and empowering their teams.

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